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German Shepherd Rescue
Central Texas
(and Mixed Breed Friends)

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Work with the Animals

Rescue Dogs

  • Drive a dog to and from vet appointments.

  • Transport a dog.

  • Walk a dog.

  • Groom a dog.

  • Take dogs to adoption days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership.

  • Go to the foster home once a week with your children and dogs to help socialize the dog.

  • Take a dog to a *Do It Yourself* grooming place.

  • Let rescue know when you'll be flying and that you'd be willing to be a rescued dog's escort

Your Own Pets
  • Microchip your own pups if you are a breeder, and register the chips, so if your dogs ever come into rescue, you can be contacted to take responsibility for your pup.

  • Make financial arrangements in your will to cover the cost of caring for your dogs after you are gone - so Rescue won't have to.

  • Adopt your next best friend from a rescue group.

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German Shepherd Rescue, Central Texas