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German Shepherd Rescue
Central Texas
(and Mixed Breed Friends)

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Bear's Story

This is a common story in rescue, but an uncommon dog.  In Oct of 1998 GSD, Central Texas rescued  a puppy from Town Lake Animal Center. The dog, Bear, was adopted by a mother and son.  The boy loved the pup and the family's first year with Bear was wonderful.  Bear was housebroken and enjoyed full house privileges as well as a fenced back yard.

About a year later, the woman married a man who had dogs and cats. Bear, who had never been around cats, would chase them when they ran from him. This made the cats nervous and  Bear was banned from the house. When the family put in a swimming pool, they built a pen to keep the dogs out of the pool.

 Now Bear sat alone a lot of the time, since the other dog was used to cats and could go in the house. In her pen, flies ate her ears and loneliness her heart. Bear began to break out of the pen, then began to break out of the yard.  The family began to argue. Bear was blamed for everything including the fly bites on the other dogs ears.

One day the woman who adopted Bear called GSD Rescue, Central Texas and told us we had to take Bear back. We were happy to take her back in and Bear is back with us.

Soon, she will be a beautiful dog again. When she arrived, one ear was bloody and raw and her coat was covered in thick mats. Bear is a sweet,  quiet and  well behaved.   She goes in a crate with no fuss and if you tell her back she backs up.  She sits and listens when you give her a verbal correction.  She is a great dog.  Good with kids and very tolerant of other dogs. 

She's looking for a home where she can be loved and appreciated and contribute to a family of her own.

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German Shepherd Rescue, Central Texas