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German Shepherd Rescue
Central Texas
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Puppy Training 101

  1. Communication  - Build vocabulary. Talk to your dog. This will help your dog learn to pay attention and learn words, phrases and read your tone and moods.

  2. Socialize - Take your dog out to meet other people and dogs.  This will help your dog build confidence to handle new situations and to be unafraid and accepting of other dogs and people. This also bonds your dog to you, to pay attention to you in different environments.

  3. Correction =  calling attention to what is not acceptable.
    Redirection = changing attention from undesirable to desirable behavior. Do not hit your dog.  This creates fear of your hand and damages his trust in you. Verbal corrections are done with tone of voice and body language.  Minimize the use of No. If you use "No", make it clear what you mean, "No jump",  "No chew".

  4. Training is modifying behavior with love and gentle direction.
    This should be fun for you and your dog. Always end with success, no matter how small.

  5. Play with your dog. Dogs, like children, learn best when they are happy. Teach games with the future in mind.  Do not teach games that will turn into problems, like jumping on you, chewing a shoe, etc.

  6. Know your dog's drives:
    Pack Drive - Alpha is boss. Who is alpha in your house?
    Prey Drive - Chasing the ball., the cat, cars, kids.
    Defensive Drive - Turn fear into protectiveness by building confidence.

  7. Puppies are babies with a short attention span. Training sessions should be no more than 10 minutes and should always be followed with play.

  8. Each dog is unique. No single training method works the same for every dog. If an approach is not working, change it. Use common sense and a loving approach. Leave anger out of training.

  9. Be consistent. If it is not okay for your dog to jump on guests it is not okay for your dog to jump on you.

  10. Reward. Reward good behaviors with praise or treats or both. Do not give unearned treats when training.


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