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German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas
Success Stories - 2003


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Here's why we do what we do: These wonderful dogs have found happy, loving homes. Please read their uplifting stories.



  Stella has been adopted by one of our long time volunteers, and supporter.  She is happily living with her new mom and 2 cats.  Stella is in training and doing great.
  She will remain a lifetime member of German Shepherd Rescue and will always be part of our lives...thank you NANCY!!!


Tasha(Raz) and her new best friend Chloe.  These two girls are at attention waiting for their treat and their human best friend, Lee.

Senta is a sweet, good-natured girl. She was rescued from the shelter after being turned in by her previous owners. Although, with her wonderful personality and striking looks, it's hard to understand how anyone would give her up.  She was adopted by a very nice lady who previously adopted a German Shepherd mix from our group.  Now Senta has an adopted brother to play with, and a very caring adopted mother to care for her.


Zoe was one of six puppies we rescued from starvation from a ranch in Bastrop County. She was the 'runt' of the litter, and had a few more challenges than the other puppies. She was so tiny, and it took her a while to recover from her ordeal. Zoe recovered beautifully to become a sweet, loving little puppy. She can't get enough of being held and loved, and she is getting plenty of attention in her new home. She has a built-in doggy pal, Duke, and loves to go in and out of the cat door.


Onyx  had only a few more minutes to live when we rescued him from the shelter. He came to us without knowing the joys of playing with toys or other puppy stuff. His personality quickly came out, and he became a lively, affectionate boy. Onyx  now lives with his new family in Central Texas, and is enjoying his puppyhood.

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